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An Inspiration of master pieces design from STONE&STEEL are essentially expressive. With the creative design inspired by
the individual master pieces concept and liberty of use of materials, each piece distinctively reflect its own character.
Its vivid color and minimalist style have never failed to capture your attention and stimulate your imagination.
Our easy chairs creates a variety of feelings for user: cozy enclosed touch. The contrast between solid form and comfort
function or delight with lovely color. However, enhancing the design details of this series has never been easier since the
ultimate success of each piece lies in comfort-driven ergonomics. All pieces invite users to adopt a dynamic sitting posture
and allow free and relaxing movement.
Whenever you require a pleasant living room or dedicated working environment or somewhere to enjoy your
entertainment devices or cozy bedroom, our easy chairs are carefully crafted to ensure that we achieve in offering you
the optimum level of comfort, style and functionality.